Growth Potential in Sub-Saharan Africa: Ten African cellular markets are projected to add 81 million subscriptions by 2018


In a new research report, the Arab Advisors Group analyzed the cellular landscape of ten Sub-Saharan African markets. The research report focuses on the cellular markets of Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Madagascar, Mozambique, Senegal, Tanzania, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. The cellular adoption in the aforementioned markets grew at an outstanding CAGR of 21% between 2009 and 2013. The Arab Advisors Group projects the upcoming growth in cellular adoption to continue to grow at a CAGR of 9% between 2014 and 2018.

The aggregate cellular penetration rate of the ten Sub-Saharan countries in focus stood at 64% by end of 2013. On a country level, the cellular penetration rates ranged from 36% up to 104%. The Arab Advisors Group projects the combined cellular growth of subscriptions in the selected countries to reach 81 million during the forecast period ending 2018, translating into an aggregate penetration rate of 73% by end of the period. Total cellular revenues of the ten countries exceeded US$ 10 billion in 2013. The Arab Advisors Group projects cellular revenues of the ten countries to grow at a CAGR of 5% during the forecast period. Our projections take into consideration various factors, including the current and projected economic and political landscape, historical cellular growth, cellular coverage, 3G investments, upcoming cellular licenses, and operators’ strategies.

The growth potential of the emerging economies of sub-Saharan Africa has attracted global and regional investors. In order to shed light on Africa’s growth prospects, the Arab Advisors Group prepared a research report, Growth Potential : A Focus on ten of Africa’s Growth Markets. The ten African markets scrutinized in this research report include the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Madagascar, Mozambique, Senegal, Tanzania, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

The new report, “Growth Potential : A Focus on 10 of Africa’s Growth Markets” was published by the Arab Advisors Group on August 20, 2014. This report can be purchased from the Arab Advisors Group for only US$ 4,000. The 130-page report, which has 105 detailed exhibits, provides a comprehensive overview of the growth and investment opportunities in sub-Saharan Africa.

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The report highlights the main investment opportunities in the subcontinent, which includes investing in cellular licenses, cellular handset market, mergers and acquisitions, value added services, cost saving solutions, and network expansion.

“Regional operators are heavily investing in network infrastructure, such as 3G coverage and expansion of basic infrastructure to rural areas. This bodes well for growth in subscriber bases and usage patterns.” Hussam Barhoush, Arab Advisors Group’s Custom Research Manager mentioned in the report.

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