Revolutionary Mobile App Can Access All Patient Medical Records


Use of fingerprint medical software enables patients to provide complete health information to medical professionals through a central database, thus saving critical time in an emergency.

In treating any type of medical condition, access to relevant patient history is crucial. In case of an emergency, the ease of access is even more critical and the speed at which the information can be obtained is not only important – but a few seconds may be the difference between life and death.

For these reasons, Brian Bouwer, a 32-year-old entrepreneur and CEO of Bestforu Holdings, Ltd. from South Africa, has developed a mobile medical application software that can access all patient records in a flash. The system is called BEST4UMED and can be activated with the patient’s fingerprint.

“This is the first mobile medical application software system that has the ability to link everyone and every segment in the medical industry together,” explains Bouwer. “The Best4umed mobile application will enable medical practitioners, health specialists, physicians, pharmacists, medical and emergency assistants, and patients to have immediate access to important medical information at any time.”

When visiting clinics, medical practices and hospitals, patients using the Best4umed mobile application will not be required to fill out long medical forms. Instead they can be identified by simply scanning their fingerprints.

It’s also a highly complex system that will require a significant amount of labor and start-up capital to become operational. Bouwer estimates that he’ll need around $6 million to get the Best4umed mobile application up and running.

About $1 million will go toward the final development stage, beta testing, marketing, administration and operational costs. The remaining $5 million is needed for expanding BEST4UMED into the global markets of India, Asia, US, Europe, and South America.

The initial plan involves launching the application with 28,000 secured medical practitioners.

To generate the $6 million, Bouwer has launched an Indiegogo campaign at

Donations of any amount are welcome. For a $25 contribution, backers will be acknowledged on the mobile app & BEST4UMED website ( A $60 pledge rewards PRACTITIONERS with a three-month subscription to the BEST4UMED mobile app at discounts.

For a $50 pledge, your dream charity can receive donations from BEST4UMED forever and we can transform people’s lives together.

For $5,000 you can get a month’s worth of advertising on BEST4UMED, which provides local and global exposure to 28,000 medical practitioners and their patients.