Autodesk Removes Barriers to Software Access for all schools in Africa


3D Design Software Leader Delivers on Commitment in Education to Prepare an Industry-ready

Autodesk, a leader in 3D design, engineering, and entertainment software, announced at this year’s Innovation Africa conference recently held in Rwanda, that it will offer schools in every country in Africa free access to its professional 3D design software and creativity applications.

“Advances in accessible 3D design and fabrication technology are disrupting design, engineering and entertainment professions as we know them. The rise in mobile and cloud technology also means that it is possible to design anywhere, at any time. Nearly anyone with an idea can turn concepts into reality overnight, and we believe that today’s students will shape tomorrow’s industries,” said Lisa Taylor, Autodesk Education Africa.

By providing academic institutions free access to Autodesk software, we ensure that the progress that we have seen with technology in the commercial world is present in our classrooms so that we can equip and inspire the next generation of creative leaders on the African continent,” Lisa Taylor added.

Autodesk’s 3D design software, creativity applications, and learning resources are being used across the education continuum to advance learning outcomes, including:
• Building proficiency with young learners from middle schools and up to support science, technology, engineering, digital arts, or mathematics (STEAM) related subjects to solve real world challenges.

• Imparting industry-relevant knowledge and 3D design skills to give students a competitive edge to achieve their personal goals today, and career success in the future.

• Helping educators to inspire creativity and innovation through a project-based curriculum and a multidisciplinary approach to education; facilitating collaboration and hands-on problem-solving skills that reflect today’s business realities.

Prior to this, academic institutions traditionally used their limited funds to purchase the design solutions that were critical to their course. With today’s announcement, schools can truly facilitate a multidisciplinary approach to education by taking advantage of free access to Autodesk’s full portfolio of professional 3D design software, cloud-based design tools, and creativity applications. In this way, students not only gain exposure to the full breadth of 3D design tools used in the industry today, but a competitive advantage upon graduation as well.

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