South African teachers urged to enter premier ICT in education competition


The Internet Service Providers’ Association of South Africa (ISPA) and CoZa Cares Foundation have issued a joint call for the country’s teachers to enter the 2015 ISPA SuperTeacher of the Year Competition. 
Registration closes on 15 April 2015 and competition entrants must submit their completed ICT in Education project by 17h00 on Wednesday 15 July 2015. 
CoZa Cares Foundation is a leading advocate of the use of ICT in education and is the long-time project manager of the ISPA SuperTeacher Competition. This competition is open to all teachers nationwide for the first time this year. 
The ISPA SuperTeacher Competition awards ceremony has been held every year since 2001 and the ceremony is a highlight of the iWeek Internet industry conference hosted by the ZA Central Registry (ZACR) and ISPA in September each year. 
According to Fiona Wallace, CEO of CoZa Cares Foundation: “Previously, only educators who had participated in ISPA’s ‘Train the Teacher’ ICT skills programme were eligible to submit projects for adjudication by the ISPA SuperTeacher judging panel. Opening the competition up to all educators currently teaching at schools throughout South Africa recognises that tremendous strides have been made in equipping local teachers with the kind of ICT skills that they may want to showcase, even though they may not have received these skills through ISPA and CoZa Cares Foundation’s ICT in education interventions.” 
In addition to the ISPA SuperTeacher of the Year, last year’s installment of the ISPA SuperTeacher Awards introduced two additional categories – ISPA ChampTeacher and ISPA TechTeacher. The winners of the three award categories will have to best demonstrate how ICTs can be used to benefit teaching and learning. The three winners will be selected from shortlisted finalists who are required to submit projects centred on ICT in education. 
“Many South African schools are very under-resourced which means teachers have to work smart. With the right sort of training and support, teachers can learn how to use technology to radically improve their teaching for the benefit of learners and surrounding communities,” explains Ms Wallace. 
The three awardwinners each receive a trophy, as well as the opportunity to present a paper on their projects at a national educational conference during the following year.  
“Over the years, it’s become clear that the chance to present to their peers is the real prize for these SuperTeachers. We hope that by opening up the ISPA SuperTeacher of the Year competition even greater numbers of South African teachers will be motivated by this outstanding personal growth experience,” concludes Ms Wallace. 
Please visit to register and for more information on the three award categories and competition entrance requirements.