Neotel enables entrepreneurship with Neo-on-the-Move

Sunil Joshi, MD and CEO of Neotel (middle)
Sunil Joshi, MD and CEO of Neotel (middle)

Neotel, South Africa’s first converged communications network operator, has announced the launch of Neo-on-the-Move, a programme designed to develop and enable entrepreneurial skills in South Africa and thereby create employment.

Neotel has designed its enterprise development programme to ensure a meaningful contribution to employment and skills development in South Africa by growing small businesses. The Neo-on-the-Move programme aims to empower entrepreneurs to run their own business-on-wheels, and in so doing, address three major social challenges facing South Africans, namely: skills shortages, a lack of affordable transport, and unemployment.

With this in mind, Neotel is proud to announce that eight entrepreneurs will receive extensive training to become part of the mobile Neotel stores – through the use of branded scooters and TukTuks – which will deliver its products directly to its customers in the Gauteng area.

“In addition to providing quality products and services to our customers and making ICT simpler, Neotel is also focused on creating employment and growing skills in South Africa. Small and medium enterprises are major contributors to job creation and economic growth, and we are excited to be able to be a part of this sector’s development,” says Sunil Joshi, MD and CEO of Neotel. “After successfully completing this phase, we hope to expand the programme to other provinces.”

The programme and its training is designed to teach skills that entrepreneurs can use throughout their lives. They will receive training on how to run a business, how to offer exceptional customer service and how to grow and improve their own financial literacy, from a business and personal perspective, in addition to learning the skill of driving and road safety. The entrepreneurs will also be enabled on various Neotel products and services so they can help address the communication needs of their customers. With access to affordable transport, coupled with a deeper understanding of business, the entrepreneurs will have the ability to build a business they can call their own.

“The programme supports the need to accelerate the development of small black-owned businesses to become financially and operationally independent. The Neo-on-the-Move programme aims to not only change the lives of the entrepreneurs and their families, but the broader socio-economic landscape of South Africa,” concludes Joshi.