Chad’s – telecoms, mobile and broadband – market insights and statistics shared in new research report

technologyDespite being Africa’s latest exporter of oil, Chad has one of the least developed telecommunications markets in the world. Penetration rates in all market sectors – fixed, mobile and internet – are well below African averages. Nevertheless, recent regulatory developments and renewed commitments from existing players in the telecom market are showcasing the potential for investors to develop a country having a low base for services.

Executive summary

Chad and Cameroon sign fibre optic partnership.
The mobile sector is growing fast under competition between two foreign-owned networks – Bharti Airtel (formerly Zain), and Millicom (Tigo). The national telco and fixed-line operator, Sotel Tchad (ST) operates the country’s third mobile network.

ST has also rolled out a CDMA2000 fixed-wireless system that supports broadband internet access using EV-DO technology. The mobile networks offer basic mobile data services using GPRS and EDGE technology.

The country’s first 3G/4G mobile licence was awarded in April 2014.
Landlocked Chad finally gained access to international fibre bandwidth in 2012, but it still lacks a national backbone infrastructure to support efficient broadband services. All long-distance connections are currently made via satellite.

However, the World Bank-funded Central African Backbone (CAB) project has now laid the foundation for the development of a broadband market.

The government is seeking partners to expand the national fibre network and launched an international tender for the sale of an 80% stake in Sotel Tchad in April 2014.

Key developments:
Bharti Airtel launches 3G services;
Tigo Chad launches LTE;
Expansion of national fibre backbone into 2015;
Sotel and CamTel sign infrastructure expansion agreement;
YooMee secures funding for LTE deployment;
National telco up for sale;
Report updates include operator data to end-2014, recent market developments.
Estimated market penetration rates in Chad’s telecoms sector – end-2014
Market    Penetration rate
Mobile    51%
Fixed    0.1%
Internet    2.4%
(Source: BuddeComm based on various sources)
Companies covered in this report:
Sotel Tchad (LAP Green); TchadNet; Bharti Airtel (Zain); Millicom (Tigo); Tchad Mobile (Orascom); Sitcom.
This report provides a comprehensive overview of trends and developments in Chad’s telecommunications market. Subjects covered include:
Market and industry analyses, trends and developments;
Facts, figures and statistics;
Industry and regulatory issues;
Infrastructure developments;
Major Players, Revenues, Subscribers, ARPU, MoU;
Internet, VoIP, IPTV;
Mobile Voice and Data Markets;
Broadband (FttP, DSL, cable, wireless);
Convergence and Digital Media;
3G subscriber and mobile ARPU forecasts to 2015;
Government policies affecting the telecoms industry;
Market liberalisation and industry issues;
Telecoms operators – privatisation, IPOs, acquisitions, new licences;
Mobile technologies (GSM; 3G, HSPA, LTE).