Africa’s socio-economic change led by one inspiring youth who is helping youth help themselves

malatjieInspiration is a catalyst for change and can be found amongst the least expected of persons, places or things; but often uncovers some of the most remarkable discoveries and leaders of our time. An important and often overlooked consideration of transformational system of change is its impact not only on business, but on society, culture and our youth.

Frost & Sullivan is proud to add to its prestigious roster of visionaries, innovators, and leaders this year’s 2015 Growth, Innovation and Leadership (GIL) Award recipient who is certainly one rising inspirational leader, South Africa’s very own 24-year old, Neftaly Malatije. Malatije is Founder and CEO of a powerful non-profit celebrating its 10 Year Anniversary in changing and transforming futures into opportunities for many of South Africa’s youth in under developed areas and Townships.

The vision of the Southern Africa Youth Project ( of “Helping Youth Help Themselves” provides access to Life Skills, Job Skill, Training and Development along with Job Placement, and other Community Awareness Programs that enable society’s young people a chance at developing sustainable opportunities for themselves and their families.

“South Africa as a country is on a threshold of a great change as it takes its place in our global economy and the country’s youth is certainly key to driving continued growth and success. It has been proven time and again, when provided with the right support, proper encouragement and a chance; the world’s youth can go quite far. Neftaly Malatije is certainly one who has gone far; through his passion and reverence, Neftaly is a young rising inspirational leader who has made a difference for hundreds of South African families leading a socio-economic change, transforming future into opportunity across South Africa,” remarked Brian Denker, Frost & Sullivan’s Vice President & Global Head of Growth, Innovation and Leadership.

Malatije will be receiving this year’s 2015 Growth, Innovation and Leadership (GIL) Award as a Rising Inspiration Leader joined by over two hundred and fifty of Africa’s top-echelon of business executives across more than fourteen industries during this year’s GL 2015: Africa Global Congress taking place at the Table Bay Hotel, Cape Town South Africa on 20th of August, 2015.

Denker added, “On behalf of our global community of Visionaries, Innovators and Leaders, as well as this year’s program partners – T Systems, DHL and Engen – we are delighted to honor such a young individual, full of zest that is making such a monumental impact for his nation and its people” In 2014 alone, the Southern Africa Youth project has helped over five hundred and fifty youth through various training programs and has secured job opportunities for more than three hundred and fifty-one of them.

Frost & Sullivan’s GIL Global Community continues to be the only resource in the world which supports CEOs and members of their management team with unique and proven tools and insight to tackle disruption and leverage growth opportunities across nine industry cluster in twenty four countries with more than forty global offices.

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