Japan to train SA youth

ramphosaBy – SAnews.gov.za

Pretoria – Japan’s commitment to support South Africa’s developmental trajectory has been welcomed by Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa.

Speaking in Tokyo at the conclusion of his official visit to Japan, on Tuesday, the Deputy President said South Africa sees Japan as a friend, as a country that does not only invest, but a country that also supports development.

“They are making great strides in supporting the continent when it comes to skills development. They have invited or called for a number of young people around the continent to come and be trained here in Japan. We will be sending 49,” he said.

The Deputy President this week led a high-level government and business delegation to the country to promote strategic political and economic relations between the two nations.

During his visit he met with young people who are being trained in master’s degrees in engineering, logistics, marine technology and a number of other technologies.

“When we met these young people we saw the future of our country, we saw young people who are acquiring great skills who are ready to come back to make a contribution to our country,” said Deputy President Ramaphosa.

He said South Africa has asked Japan to extend this to the training of artisans.

“They are going to look at our proposal where we can send high level artisans who are willing to be trained to come and be trained in Japanese companies and go back home,” he said, adding that he believed through the visit opportunities have been opened for South African youth.

During his visit, he had found the Japanese people very receptive.

“We had a meeting with the Prime Minister of Japan; we spent an extensive amount of time with him and he demonstrated that he is very supportive of our developmental trajectory. We spent time with the Deputy Prime Minister, he articulated the same” said Deputy President Ramaphosa.

The delegation also spent time with the Japanese business community.

“We also used this opportunity to promote trade. There are many other areas that we want to start trading with the Japanese on. More agricultural products, they are also going to give us skills with agro processing so it’s been hugely successful and we are all very happy with the way that the visit went,” said the Deputy President.