SA Business Woman Philanthropist Milly Dreyer to speak out as The African Global Investment Summit kicks off in London

the global africanThe Global African Investment Summit will attract over 1,000 qualified global investors over two days this year and will open windows to African project origination and global finance.

Heads of Government will meet in London to debate the future of the continent and the role of their governments in expanding and encouraging trade and investment. They will cover the areas of finance and capital investment, infrastructure, power and energy, agriculture, consumer goods and information and communication technology. Moreover, questions to be answered during this interactive debate include: how to engage young African leaders, promote inclusive sustainable development and gain a better future for Africa’s next generation.

Milly Dreyer CEO of GROWSMART (Pty) Ltd, a perceptive Businesswoman and philanthropist is deeply involved in Economic Development, Empowerment, Youth and Entrepreneurial Development, Environmental issues and Education throughout Africa, and is extending her borders for global expansion. The products offerings will position the company at the forefront of solutions that impact the communities in Africa, local economies where they live in, and global needs. GROWSMART (Pty) Ltd was established to bridge a gap in the development of the economy, the empowerment of women and youth and the disadvantaged communities in rural areas, thereby creating a better life for generations to come. Milly is grateful to work and play with incredibly talented people with BIG vision to make the world a better place.

“A nation cannot survive without public virtue, it cannot progress without a common vision, therefore African countries should develop a renewed national sense of purpose”, she said
“ In essence people have lost their long-term vision and sense of destiny,- therefore, where there is no purpose, no internal reason for living, no significance in life, the demand for discipline, commitment, self-control, and respect for authority will gradually diminish,” she continued.

Milly Dreyer believes it is a universal desire to discover personal meaning and the only true measure to success is personal fulfilment. “Every person’s goal should be the fulfilling of one’s purpose because everything in life has a purpose. That is why all things in life begin and end with purpose,” she added

The high-level audience includes leaders and investors from both technical and non-technical institutions, including CEOs, CIOs, Managing Directors, Vice Presidents, Partners, Heads, Directors, General Managers, Business Development and New Ventures Managers from Investment Banks, Private Equity Firms, African Investment Funds, Multilateral Banks, Engineering, Construction & Procurement Companies, Risk Advisors & Consultants, Law Firms, Rating Agencies, Development Finance Institutions, Business Service Providers, Independent Power Producers, Oil & Gas Companies, Mining Companies, Service Companies, Global Stock Exchanges, Technology & Equipment Providers and Power Suppliers.

What is a responsibility, to create purpose, set goals and get a strategy in place as time is of the essence, and yet, in spite of its recognized preciousness and vast potentiality, there is nothing more squandered quite as thoughtlessly as time. It is time act now,” Dreyer concluded.