Evaluation of the Accountability in Tanzania Programme

dfidPurpose of this independent evaluation is to explore whether the AcT model can and should be replicate.

The objectives of the evaluation are to:

Demonstrate outcomes: Identify the results of the investments made (positive and negative, intended and unintended) on the various stakeholders involved including (a) access to information (b) citizens taking action (c) strengthening the capacity of CSOs in Tanzania and (d) increased accountability and responsiveness of government.

Understand the conditions for success: Identify the conditions for success, the appropriateness and replicability of the theory of change, and whether the model is more effective at delivering results in some areas of empowerment and accountability than in others – in particular comparing the ‘mainstream’ and the ‘climate change and environment’ elements of the programme

Test the AcT model: Assess the sustainability, effectiveness, and additional benefits of the AcT model in comparison to alternative models of support. The evaluation should identify lessons that can be used to improve the effectiveness of the existing model.