Empowering African Women in Business and Politics-Almas Jiwani to Deliver Keynote at Smart Africa: 3rd Annual Women’s Rights Seminar in Toronto

almas jiwaniAlmas Jiwani to deliver Keynote Address on Women in Business and Politics as Chief Guest at the 2016 Smart Africa: 3rd Annual Women’s Rights Seminar.
The event is co-hosted by the Canadian Human Rights Voice (CHRV) and the Almas Jiwani Foundation to take place on Saturday March 19 at 2:00pm at YWCA Toronto – Nancy’s Auditorium 87 Elm Street, Toronto.

“Women play a key role in building the capacity of nations as entrepreneurs, innovators, and political leaders” said Almas Jiwani. “Women in Africa need to feel the same level of empowerment as other women around the world are beginning to feel. In areas of business, economics, and politics, African women continue to represent a largely untapped potential across the continent.” She concluded.

Human rights experts will engage in discussions regarding women’s rights in Africa, on topics ranging from sexual and reproductive rights to women’s role in information technology. Almas Jiwani’s keynote address will engage the audience in discussing the importance of empowering African women as decision-makers in business and politics.

“We are honoured to present Ms. Almas Jiwani – President Emiratis of UN Women Canada as chief guest for our upcoming Women’s Rights Seminar.” said Mr. Sujan Shrirangathas at CHRV. “Almas Jiwani has gained international recognition and commendations from governments and the media, and has been honoured with numerous awards globally for her work on gender equity and women’s empowerment. She is an obvious choice as our guest speaker, due to her prominence and incredible achievements in human rights.” He concluded.