Online gaming expanding to African Market

technologyOnline gaming expanding to African Market in 2016 shouldn’t surprise anyone. This sort of trend has been happening throughout the Internet world. The fact that it is relatively easy to expand businesses to the African market in the first place just goes to show people how versatile and flexible online businesses really can be, including online casino and free online casino businesses. The situation also helps demonstrate the fact that there is a lot of room for growth when it comes to the Internet business world in general.

As recently as fifteen years ago, the majority of American homes did not even have regular access to the Internet. Twenty-five years ago, the Internet was a niche hobby for the tech savvy individuals of the world. Today, according to recent estimates, 3.17 billion people all throughout the world have access to the Internet. Even a year ago, that number was only 2.94 billion, which already pales in comparison. Online business owners gained a lot of new potential customers right off the bat just with that change.

More and more people throughout the continent of Africa are now gaining access to the Internet, including the people who live in much poorer areas. People in the slums of Nairobi are now gaining access to the Internet, and this is partly because of the strange rate of technological turnover. Computers that are even ten years old are largely going to be useless in many countries, so they are going to be very cheap to sell to the poorer parts of the world. They’re going to be cheaper than medicine, furniture, and a lot of other basic necessities. There are people in Africa living on one dollar a day who still manage to use flip phones for this reason. Selling them for practically nothing to poorer people is certainly better than just allowing the tech to turn to electronic waste, which has been a tremendous source of pollution in this part of the world.

There are lots of different ways to make money online today. Very poor people in Africa may consider making five dollars a day to be a large sum of money, and they can make that easily by doing everything from writing web content to filling out online surveys. These are going to be just the sort of people who are going to be receptive to the promotional offers and welcome bonuses that online casinos may offer for their customers. Poorer people in Africa can make relatively large sums of money in other online businesses, and then they can contribute those sums of money to a new interest in the online gaming world. An online casino might be part of a given moneymaking strategy.

Naturally, there are wealthier people in Africa who have had the Internet for years. However, the Internet is now being made available to the seemingly countless people on the continent who did not have access previously. Online gaming expanding to African Market is going to create lots of new customers and a lot of great new business opportunities.