Press Statement of the 607th PSC open session Meeting on the theme: “Agriculture, food security, peace and stability in Africa”

aucThe Peace and Security Council (PSC) of the African Union (AU), held its 607th meeting on 27 June 2016, which was dedicated to an open session on the theme: “Agriculture, food security, peace and stability in Africa”.

Council received a presentation from the AU Commission’s Department of Rural Economy and Agriculture (DREA). Council also received statements that were made by the representatives of AU Member States, bilateral and multilateral partners, as well as civil society organizations.

Council acknowledged that agricultural production and food security, as well as peace and stability, are closely interwoven. In this regard, Council underscored the need for synergies in the implementation of the African Peace and Security Architecture (APSA) and the Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADEP).

Council also acknowledged that proper organization of land ownership and land use, as well as the building of necessary agricultural infrastructure and sustainable financing, can significantly contribute towards boosting food production, which, in turn, can contribute to food security, conflict prevention and promotion of peace, security and stability in Africa. In the same context, Council stressed the need for the private sector to also actively invest in the agricultural sector and to assist in promoting environmentally safe and climate smart agriculture.

Council also underscored the importance of farmers to diversify their agricultural activities in order to avoid the vulnerabilities associated with monoculture particularly in times of fluctuation of market prices. Furthermore, Council stressed the need for Member States to modernize and mechanize agriculture, including putting in place appropriate irrigation infrastructure, with a view to boosting their agriculture, particularly food production and in order to prevent the adverse effects of climate change and ever-changing weather patterns.

Council welcomed the progress recorded in the implementation of the 2014 Malabo Declaration on Agricultural Growth and Transformation and commended those Member States which have already started to implement it. In the same context, Council called on all Member States, which have not yet done so, to also implement the Declaration.

Council agreed to devote at least one session, each year, on the theme: Agriculture, food security, peace and stability in Africa. In this regard, Council requested the Commission to include, in its reports and presentations, empirical case studies on the linkages between agriculture, food security, peace and stability in Africa.

Council agreed to remain seized of the matter.