Kenya’s DP and China’s VP Meet to Confirm Expansion in Technology and Skills

russoThe China-Kenya bilateral relations have been expanding for over 40 years now. China and Kenya have worked together to move Kenya’s social, economic and ICT development at a rapid pace with numerous exchanges being made all the time.

This has been continued during a meeting this week in Beijing, China where Vice President Li Yuanchao and Deputy President of Kenya, William Ruso had a successful meeting. During the meeting it was confirmed that Chinas intentions are to continue pursuing relations with Kenya that are mutually beneficial. Yuanchao also stated that China considers Kenya to be a “strategic investment partner.”

Yuanchao added that not only does he personally and his country consider the Sino-Kenyan investments an important one, but that the countries are hoping to work towards an increase in ventures to do with technology and skills transfers. This is alongside the already established engagements with infrastructure and energy which is also set to have further development.

Ruto attended a meeting and was taken on a tour around the China Communications Company headquarters in Beijing. At the meeting Ruto confirmed Yuanchao’s remarks on the China Kenya engagement adding that there will be full focus on industrial development and technology in Kenya. This is a key engagement and interest for China not only in Kenya but across the continent.
On his trip to the organization Ruto added that, “We are happy that your organization is committed to efficiency and completion of work within the stipulated period, as well as development of technology.”

The company is currently building a standard gauge railway, Ruto stated that the construction of the SGR would boost multiple areas such as transportation, integration and industrialization. Ruto confirmed that the construction is well underway and on schedule for completion, “More than 70 per cent of the construction work on the railway line is complete. This means the work is being done within schedule.”

The SGR is going to have an incredibly positive effect for the citizens of Kenya and transform the movement of transportation and reduce the cost of goods from the Mombasa port to Nairobi. Ruto said the completion will ease movement and reduce transportation cost of goods from the Mombasa port to Nairobi.

CSs James Macharia (Transport), Adan Mohammed (Industrialisation), Charles Keter (Energy) and Henry Rotich (Treasury) accompanied the Deputy President.