Why Tanzania is the perfect place for Chinese investment, Explains Prime Minister


On Wednesday Tanzanian Prime Minister, Kassim Majaliwa took a trip to Tooku Garments Company Limited, to assess the company’s home ground. The company is based at Benjamin William Mkapa special economic zone in Dar es Salaam.

During his visit the Prime Minister made some remarks regarding the encouragement of more Chinese enterprises to invest and set up themselves up in Tanzania. President Majaliwa stated, “I would like … to invite and to welcome investors from China to follow the ‘One Belt, One Road’ philosophy along the path that leads to Tanzania as the landing beach head on the eastern seaboard of Africa.”

Kassim Majaliwa continued his heart felt speech on the China-Tanzania friendship so far. Majaliwa started with a few brief remarks on what makes his country such brilliant place for global investment. He stated that with Tanzania’s fertile land, a large youth population eager to work, learn and push forward Tanzanian development and natural trade. Tanzania is an excellent choice of relocation for Chinese enterprises, especially as the two countries already have a strong bilateral ties.

The Prime Minister then went on to speak about the close friendship that Tanzania have with China and thank them for the endless support, investment and life changing opportunities they have provided for the people of Tanzania.