AdHang, a leading Online Marketing Agency, Now Open to help you Reach Africa

adhangAdHang, A force for good in Africa Lagos, Nigeria, West Africa.

Today, AdHang, first internet public enlightenment agency in west Africa and a leading online digital marketing agency in Africa’s continent, announced that they are open to help any company, business, event organizer, institution or company to carry out online marketing in any country in Africa or entire continent of Africa. After the launch of AdHang over ten years ago in Nigeria, the agency has helped many businesses identified where they are missing online marketing opportunities in Africa and help fix them.

Also, institutions such as churches, schools and governments through their agencies have used AdHang to reach millions of their target audiences across Africa’s continent with outstanding results. This reviews the fact that the agency has well trained professionals, experienced and seasoned experts in online marketing industry in the continent of Africa.

Some of the agency’s recent success stories/case studies in Africa are:

Helping Deeper Life Bible Church to drive people in the tens of thousands to witness the wonders of the supernatural in Abuja national stadium, in the capital of Nigeria. On the crusade day, over 70,000 people came to the Abuja national stadium — a 60,481 capacity stadium. As a result, there was an overflow of people.

Helping ScreamingO, a U.S.-based personal products company, poised to launch its product Dynamo Delay spray in the African nation of Nigeria. AdHang was hired by the group. After online marketing tactical approach and strategic positioning by AdHang’s team. The company’s leaders felt good about the image it was projecting to the local — and global — community.

Today, many businesses and organizations around the world use AdHang to solve their online digital marketing problems in Africa. They believe, as one of them rightly said: “Nobody understands Africa’s continent than AdHang, being an agency managed by Africa themselves”. In online marketing in Africa, AdHang uses its Africa’s domesticalize expertise in elements of digital marketing such as content marketing, online display, influencers, mobile marketing, social media marketing and search engine marketing to engage millions of Africans.

The agency also, tactically incorporates tools such as promotional articles, case studies, white papers, testimonies, educative/informative videos, internet press release, online digital banners, bulk emails, online presentations, so many to be listed here. In addition, AdHang employs most powerful online platforms both in African locality and international ones to engage any type of personas whether for business to business campaign or business to consumer marketing.

Further more, AdHang plans and designs online campaign creative formats to neatly integrate and perfectly displaying on all manner of devices such as desktops, tablets, smart phones, laptops, feature phones etc. Most importantly, one of approaches which stands AdHang out is that the agency maintains global online marketing standard and ethics. AdHang will balance imaginations with your industry’s principles and best practices, and professionally run your advertisement campaign in Africa in such a way that is accurate, complete, clear and design to promote credibility and trust by the target audience and African general public. Certainly, AdHang will help you accelerate your recognition around Africa, establish your brand and stimulate demand in the continent.