Arrow Electronics Donates Educational Tablets to Tuleeni Orphanage

arrowArrow Electronics recently donated 50 refurbished tablet computers to the children of the Tuleeni Orphanage in Tanzania, Africa. The tablet donation is an extension of the global technology company’s ongoing support of the remote orphanage.

“The kids are in heaven with the tablets,” said Many Stein, director of Neema International, a nonprofit in Tanzania that supports the Tuleeni Orphanage. “We are having so much fun teaching them how to use the devices, and watching them learn how to read and write with all of the educational apps we have installed.”

Arrow deployed its first DigiTruck in Africa to the Tuleeni Orphanage in late 2015. The DigiTruck is a solar-powered mobile classroom that Arrow and its nonprofit partner Close the Gap built from a refurbished 40-foot steel cargo container; it is designed to reach remote areas where access to computer technology—and the electricity required to power it—is limited. Arrow donates all of the electronics inside its DigiTruck, including refurbished laptops, mobile devices and an LED flat-screen monitor.

Arrow’s recent tablet donation will enable more Tuleeni children to continue their online education even when they aren’t receiving formal instruction in the DigiTruck classroom, said Stein.

In Sub-Saharan Africa where 30 percent of young people are unable to read or write, access to information and communication technology is critical to improving educational and economic prospects. However, high equipment costs, poor infrastructure and limited proficiency all prevent this much-needed technology from reaching many parts of the continent. Arrow is proud to partner with Close the Gap, Neema International and the Tuleeni Orphanage to help remove some of these barriers to digital literacy and education.