Vodafone Zambia scoops top awards

Vodafone Zambia has bagged nine international, regional, and local prestigious honours since its inception in June 2016, affirming the company’s commitment to excellence in service delivery.

On the international front, the company received the following awards: ‘Best Social Impact Telecom Group Sub Saharan Africa’ 2016 from Capital Finance International for the youth programme that includes the Jump portal, Brand Ambassador programme as well as the Graduate Trainee programme; ‘Best Launch of a fully branded Vodafone Partner Market’ from the Vodafone Partner Group and ‘Africa Best Employer Brand award’ from the Employer Branding Institute for the dynamic work culture that Vodafone has established in Zambia.

Regionally, Vodafone Zambia received the following honours: ‘Best Integrated Campaign’ for its #AmaLevels and ‘Best Use of Consumer Format’ for its TV commercial that was locally produced and aligned to the Vodafone brand guidelines from the Vodacom All Brands All Hands Awards 2016 that represented all Vodafone organisations across the continent.

On the local front, Vodafone Zambia has garnered the following awards: ‘Best Product Launch 2016’ and ‘Best Radio Advert’ from the Zambia Institute of Marketing; the ‘President Award’ from the Zambia Public Relations Association for driving awareness on the use of mobile internet; and the ‘Sponsorship Award’ from the Zambia Society for Public Administration, for the support Vodafone Zambia has provided to the Public Administration fraternity.

Vodafone Zambia’s CEO, Lars Stork expressed delight at the fact that a number of local, regional and international bodies have recognised the strides Vodafone Zambia has taken to bridge the digital divide.

“It is wonderful that our efforts to build Zambia’s digital future are being recognised. We are committed to continue investing in our network to ensure that our customers not only have the best network experience but also world class products and services. Our focus at Vodafone is to become the number one next generation operator in Zambia by ensuring that we fulfil our promise of delivering a new digital world to our customers,” said Mr Stork.

The birth of Vodafone Zambia was a result of Vodafone and Afrimax Group entering a non-equity partner market agreement for Zambia with a clear vision of becoming the number one next generation operator in the country.

The success the ICT company has experienced in Zambia has resulted in the organisation being established as the regional hub for the Afrimax-Vodafone Group to support operations of other African markets such as Cameroon, Uganda, and Ghana.