GIL 2017: Africa

GIL Africa 2017 – 17 August 2017, The Table Bay Hotel, Cape Town, South Africa

Frost & Sullivan
Digital Transformation: Business & Social Impact
An Interactive Think Tank on How Digitisation is Disrupting Industries
Growth Innovation and Leadership Summit

Strategic Imperative: Why You Must Attend

Africa is a promise of growth and innovation despite the perennial issues that hinder business practices in the continent. Companies in the region, led by robust leaders are leveraging scalable digital technologies to mitigate challenges and drive growth. GIL Africa will expound on these digital initiatives as CEOs share their success stories in leveraging them. Interactive sessions and workshops hosted by thought leaders will deliberate on the impact of digital transformation across industry verticals. The congress, hosting panel of external experts will be the platform that will bring the next frontier of innovation in Africa.

At GIL 2017: Africa, witness how transformation sparks innovation through the value chain of the continent’s economy. Register now or mail to be a part of this global congress.