Merck Foundation at African Union Assembly, African First Ladies Summit


Guest of honour, Prof. Frank Stangenberg-Haverkamp affirms Merck’s long term partnership with African countries.

Watch this video: Prof. Frank Stangenberg-Haverkamp-Merck Foundation at African First Ladies Summit, AU Assembly

Merck Foundation continues its strong partnership with African Countries, to build healthcare capacity, improve access to cancer care and advance people lives through science and technology.

During The 19th General Assembly of the Organization of First Ladies of Africa (OAFLA), held at the African Union. Guest of honour, Prof. Frank Stangenberg-Haverkamp, Chairman of the Executive Board of E. Merck KGandChairman of Board of Trustees of Merck Foundation and Dr Rasha Kelej, CEO of Merck Foundation, affirmed Merck’s long term partnership with African countries to provide oncology fellowship programs, provide practical training for fertility specialists and to empower infertile women through access to information, health and change of mindset through “Merck Cancer Access Program” and “Merck More than a Mother” campaign.