How to optimise business YouTube channels

YouTube is one of the world’s most famous websites, and it’s believed there are over eight million users of the site in South Africa alone. As a result, it’s quite rightly considered an excellent opportunity for business promotion. YouTube gives you the chance to speak to lots of potential customers, by producing high quality and rich content which resonates with the people who watch it. Here’s how to make the most of this exciting technology for your business.

Showcase your products

It’s essential to begin by getting clear in your mind why your business should be on YouTube. If a single picture is worth a thousand words, then a video can say much more. When you film one of your products or services in action, it allows more scope to show off what your items can do. Because a YouTube video is self-contained you don’t have to worry about whether people will click through to another page as they often do with website content. And with pleasant background music, proper lighting and other effects, it’s much more entertaining to watch a video than to just read some text. The result is that the customer will spend longer engaging with your brand.

Keep it professional

There’s a huge variety of content on YouTube, and as a result you might be tempted to go for something a bit off the wall. But when promoting a brand, it’s important to be professional. You will need to invest some time in writing succinct and properly-edited video captions and “About us” text, and to make sure your videos are engaging without being too brash. YouTube might be a more relaxed advertising environment than, say, a newspaper, but an unprofessional looking video will quickly put people off your brand.

Produce great content

Of course, the key to success on YouTube lies in making videos of your product which people want to watch. Fortunately, there is software out there which allows you to make your own videos in a simple yet professional manner. There are significant cost savings when doing this compared to hiring a production company to do the job for you, so it’s certainly worth doing. It’s also important to make sure you retain the users who view your video by encouraging them to follow your channel, and to convert them into customers by including a product link prominently in the description.

It’s undeniable that YouTube has the power to revolutionise the promotion of your business and it offers so much more than traditional websites or other online platforms. That’s why companies across South Africa and beyond are using the site to harness the power of video and attract new customers with well-edited, slick and engaging content – and you should too. With lots of easy to use video editing options out there, you’re never going to be more than a few clicks away from a top-quality video even if you’re not an experienced editor.