Merck Foundation meets the First Lady of Guinea to plan the launch of their programs in the country

The First Lady of Guinea, H.E. Madam DJENE CONDE

Merck Foundation will launch their programs in partnership with Guinea’s First Lady together with Ministry of Health and Ministry of Information and Communication; Merck Foundation to train doctors in the fields Cancer, Diabetes and Fertility Care to build healthcare capacity in the country; Merck Foundation to organize ‘Health Media Training’ and call for applications for ‘Merck More Than a Mother’ Media Recognition Awards

Merck Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Merck KGaA Germany met The First Lady of Guinea to plan the launch of their programs and initiatives in the country. The meeting was held between The First Lady of Guinea, H.E. Madam DJENE CONDE and Dr. Rasha Kelej, CEO of Merck Foundation.

The First Lady of Guinea, H.E. Madam DJENE CONDE and Ambassador of Merck More Than a Mother emphasized, ‘Guinea is all set to welcome the programs of Merck Foundation. These programs are going to be very beneficial for our people and their social and economic well-being. Merck Foundation will help us build healthcare capacity and break the stigma of infertility in the country.”

Merck Foundation had appointed The First Lady of Guinea as the Ambassador of Merck More Than a Mother in 2017.

Dr. Rasha Kelej, CEO of Merck Foundation and President, Merck More Than a Mother explained, ‘I am happy to work closely with Her Excellency First Lady of Guinea. We acknowledge her great efforts as ‘Merck More Than a Mother” Ambassador to empower infertile women in the country. With the launch of our programs, we will underscore our long -term partnership to build healthcare capacity and train doctors in the fields of Cancer Care, Fertility, and Diabetes care.”

Merck Foundation will be working closely with the Office of First Lady to support the establishment of first ever public IVF center in the country by providing technical advice and training to medical and paramedical staff.

Merck Foundation also plans to introduce other unique initiatives in the country to get the desired culture shift with regard to the stigma related to infertility.

‘Few initiatives include announcing the Merck more than a Mother Media Recognition Award and Media Health Training in partnership with The First Lady of Guinea together with Ministry Health and Ministry of Communication & Information. Creating songs and movies in partnership with local artists to address the stigma related to infertility and educate people across the country. Also, involving fashion industry to deliver the message of breaking the stigma of infertile women to the community in day to day life which will be achieved by organizing ‘Merck More Than a Mother’ Fashion Awards”, explained Dr. Rasha Kelej.

‘Another innovative initiative is to launch an inspiring cartoon story book for children to empower our boys at elementary level, to develop true respect for women and teach them family values of love and respect and few facts about Infertility, prevention and how it affects both men and women equally” Dr. Rasha Kelej added.

Merck foundation has provided clinical training on fertility specialty in the past two years and will continue this program in partnership with ministry of health to improve access to quality and equitable fertility care in the country.

Merck Foundation will also continue enrolling doctors from Guinea in their two year oncology fellowship program and master degree as a contribution to improve cancer care in the country.