Middle East and North Africa Life Sciences Industry Outlook Forecast to 2020

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MENA Life Sciences market to cross US$ 40 billion by 2020.

This research provides bold perspectives and predictions for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region’s life sciences industry in 2020. The markets covered include pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and in-vitro diagnostics.

The analysis captures the impact of trends that are expected to transpire over 2019 and 2020 as organizations prepare for the future. This study provides guidance on where to find the greatest opportunities for expansion and which key companies to look out for.

A shift in the focus of healthcare towards lifestyle-driven chronic health conditions and an increasingly affluent population’s preference for research-based branded drugs and preventive screening diagnostic tests are expected to drive the MENA life sciences market during the forecast period (2019 to 2020).

Ongoing economic diversification and localization efforts by governments will make the domestic production of branded generic drugs more important than ever for both local consumption and export services. In addition, the regulatory environment will see a major transformation in each country. Given the on-going localization trends, it will be critical for global pharma MNCs to strategically collaborate with local agents or CMOs for their expertise on domestic contacts, customs regulations, and faster time to market in the MENA region.

Areas exhibiting high growth opportunities will be the main focus of governments and industries alike. Business models specific to MENA will be pursued in contrast to those in larger markets of developed nations. Mergers and acquisitions are expected as stakeholders collaborate to achieve common outcomes. The outlook foresees increased collaboration and M&A activities between the life sciences and other healthcare sectors, in which preventative digital technology innovations will support the prevention of the onset of chronic and genetic diseases. Health spending is expected to rise in the region with governments aiming to meet sustainable development goals.

Research Highlights

Market overview and projections for the MENA life sciences market in 2020
Revenue forecast by key MENA life sciences markets
Key predictions for the life sciences market in 2020 by segment
Key trends and growth opportunities affecting the MENA life sciences market
Strategic recommendations and future outlook of the life sciences market
Key Issues Addressed

What are the key predictions for the 2020 MENA life sciences market?

What is the market projection for MENA pharmaceutical/biotechnology and IVD markets for 2020?

Which are the most preferred countries in MENA for the localization of future drug manufacturing activities?

What are key growth opportunities in the MENA pharma and IVD industry for 2020?

Who are the companies to watch in the MENA region for the life sciences market?

What policies and regulatory developments will affect your company’s MENA operations in 2020?

What are the monetization opportunities for the life science industry as major GCC countries aim to diversify towards a service-based economy?
Key Topics Covered:

1. Executive Summary

Key 2020 MENA Life Sciences Predictions
Research Scope
MENA Life Sciences Industry Revenue, 2018-2020
2020 MENA Regional Life Sciences Perspective

2. Key 2020 MENA Life Sciences Market Predictions

Prediction 1 – Localization of Pharma Manufacturing
Prediction 2 – NGS Testing Awareness and Adoption Increases
Prediction 3 – Rise in Middle East Budget for Diabetes and Other Lifestyle Disorders

3. Country Predictions 2020

2020 MENA Healthcare Life Sciences Predictions – KSA
2020 MENA Healthcare Predictions – UAE
2020 MENA Healthcare Predictions – Kuwait
2020 MENA Healthcare Predictions – Egypt
2020 MENA Healthcare Predictions – Algeria
2020 MENA Healthcare Predictions – Morocco

4. Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology Sector Outlook 2020

2020 Market Snapshot – Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology
Key Growth Opportunities – Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology
2020 Companies to Watch – Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology

5. IVD Sector Outlook 2020

2020 Market Snapshot – IVD
Key Growth Opportunities – IVD
2020 Companies to Watch – IVD

6. Concluding Thoughts

Concluding Thoughts
Legal Disclaimer

7. Appendix

Market Definitions – Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology
Market Definitions – IVD